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Breathe, relax, balance, reset. Get lost on our REV1VE deck in the
middle of the financial district, soak in views of the skyscrapers of
Singapore in your own private getaway from the desk.

300 +
Calories Burnt
50 mins
Duration of Booking
Sessions Daily
10 Pax
Per Session

Your hour of flowing movement and meditation. This dynamic, physical and spiritual form of yoga sculpts and tones every muscle in your body and mind with breath-work and mindfulness to emerge with focus and balance.
Calorie Burn - 250-400 Calories
Focus - Toning > Control
Schedule - As per schedule

Engage your abdominal muscles with yoga poses that build a strong and stable centre. Core brings balance, strength and a sense of well-being arming you with better posture and  increased confidence.
Calorie Burn - 200-400 Calories
Focus - Core > Control
Schedule - As per schedule

Pause and reset. Stretch takes you through a series of poses that works on lengthening muscles and increasing your range of motion. With regular practice, they'll improve your flexibility and mobility. A perfect class to balance your sessions in our HYBR1D and R1DE studios.
Calorie Burn - 250-400 Calories
Focus - Flexibility > Control
Schedule - As planned

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