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This is one hell of a class. Based around functional bodybuilding and anaerobic conditioning, this high intensity circuit encompasses fast sets of explosive strength based movements that really focuses on fast twitch muscle fibres. No need to figure out whether it’s arm or leg day, because it’s always both. Get in, get it done!

The acronym stands for ‘most effective tactics available’ and this class certainly lives up to the name with our signature strength focused workout. This class covers every aspect of strength training; from hypertrophy, anabolic overload, compound movements and a strict focus on form.

This is about as result focused as it gets. This class is our top of the line performance based class where you will have strict focuses to improve every aspect of your cardiovascular fitness. Every class moves through specific thresholds and energy systems from Vo2 max and maximal heart rate training to lactate threshold and submaximal work. Your base level of fitness will improve exponentially. This is one class you want to make sure you do every week.

R10Ts’ signature HYBR1D class, an engaging high intensity circuit designed to keep you moving for a full spectrum workout. DEFKON combines the best of strength, cardio and conditioning in one session. 

This is where you put all of your training to the test. You have worked hard all week, improving your conditioning and perfecting your technique. This is how you justify all of that hard work, and substantiate your progress. It’s set in a team vs team format, ready to battle it out in an all out show down. It is the definition of what you put in, is what you get out!

This is end game! This element requires no introduction, but have you experienced using like we do? We capitalise off of their functionality and they remain in our arsenal of versatile equipment to bring out the best in you!
Not just for running! This element makes up for a lot of exercises in our HYBRID concept studio. We have a few moves that will leave you shell shocked! With a purpose built track system to provide maximum support for your knees, reducing impact while running. This is an elite piece of machinery built for comfort and speed.
Erg technology dominates! We are talking low impact and high return. This innocent looking element packs one hell of a punch, you see a bike, we see a tool for progress. This element facilitates a low impact, cardio workout, comfortable to ride and gentle on the joints, we think you will love it in the worst way.
Call us trailblazers! This is a first in the world for a cable machine that's been integrated into a studio HIIT environment. With a customised compact design that compliments our versatile approach, This element can do it all. This element has been designed to provide an effective, safe workout, allowing users to conduct medium - heavy complex movements with the advantage of it's guided assist mechanism, much like a traditional barbell, but better!
Forget having to cart a few pairs of dumbbells around with you! We have it all in one. With a convenient twist lock system that allows you to select between 2-32kg in weight which is clearly displayed. This element allows you less mess and a faster solution to your conventional style dumbbells.
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