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In the bustle of our island city, a workout can set a good day apart from the bad. R10T is Singapore’s latest multi-modal boutique gym; spanning 2 floors and multiple studios, R1DE, HYBR1D, REVIVE and D1VE. With us, you’ll get any workout you desire, when you want it, in one location under one membership, zero excuses.

R10T was designed to be more than just a gym. Parked in the heart of Singapore, we have redefined the boutique fitness space. 



The HYBR1D studio is equipped with tools that help you focus on form, with state of the art treadmills in a double-height space filled with natural light. Our R1DE studio is a fully immersive environment, with lighting and sound systems rivalling the best nightclubs. On top of that, we have REVIVE and D1VE on a pool deck that offers breathtaking views of the financial district.