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Achieve more than you ever thought you would with us. Armed with a carefully curated program, sick tunes, and all round good vibes, our team of renowned coaches are here to guide and inspire you to reach your ultimate potential past your limits. Whether you’re a rookie or a expert, you’ll find yourself a convert after your first class. The HYBR1D studio focuses on strength & cardio to boost your endorphins, build muscle and enhance endurance, while the R1DE studio will have you pedalling to the rhythm, soaking in the pulsating beats and vibrant lights, as if you were on the dancefloor.
  40 Robinson Road, Singapore, 068907

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  +65 8951 0861

In R10T

In the hustle and bustle of our island city, an effective workout can set a good day apart from a bad one. Welcome Singapore’s latest multi-modal boutique gym. At R10T, members get any workout desired, when they want it, all in one location.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes we do! We have our specially designed custom spin shoes readily available for all riders! Just come by the desk to check in and collect them before class!
It’s completely free of charge! All spin classes comes with a complimentary loan of a spin shoe for each spin class!
Yes we do! Our toilets and showers are separate, just approach our friendly front of house if you are unsure and they will guide you accordingly!
We do not have any food or drinks provided, however we do have a drinks refrigerator that sells a variety of refreshments such as Dasani Water, 100 Plus and coconut water
You do not have to bring anything along for your class! Just come in the appropriate attire and footwear for your respective classes!
Just come in your favourite set of active wear and you are all set!
We provide sweat towels for both our hybrid and spin classes as well as bath towels for showers afterwards. We have ice cold water dispensers in each gender’s showers! Just bring along a water bottle to fill it up
There is currently no parking lots available in Tahir Building. We do advice you to park at either Oxley tower or the open parallel parking lots along Telok ayer/Amoy street.
Lost and found items will be kept by the front desk for 7 days. Just approach any of our friendly FOHs to collect your items back!
Yes we do! We have lockers available for use whenever you book into any classes! Pick any one that is available and follow the instructions on the wall to lock your lockers up!

Booking slots

You can download our R10T app via appstore/google play and book into any class you wish with an existing package or trial pack (pss fastest fingers first!)
We have 2 types of trials – the 3 class trial pack or the 5 class trial pack. Both with 14 days and 17 days validity respectively.
This means that the class that you wish to attend is currently full. Being on the waitlist will allow you to be bumped up automatically once a spot come free!
For all first timers, we do recommend you to be at least 15 minutes early so that our friendly FOH can show you around!
Yes! the trial pack gives you the option to try both our R1DE classes and our HYBR1D classes!


3 Class Trial

14 days validity from date of purchase

5 Class Trial

17 days validity from date of purchase

Unlimited Class Trial

7 days validity from date of purchase

Flexi 6

3 month term for 6 sessions a month, credits roll over to next month!

Flexi 10

3 month term for 10 sessions a month, credits roll over to next month!

Flexi 14

3 month term for 14 sessions a month, credits roll over to next month!


3 month term for Unlimited sessions a month!

5 Golden Hours

Valid for 5 “Golden Hour” Offpeak R1DEs
1 month validity from date of purchase

10 Golden Hours

Valid for 10 “Golden Hour” Offpeak R1DEs
2 months validity from date of purchase

10 R1DE Pack

Valid for all R1DE Sessions
3 months validity from date of purchase

20 R1DE Pack

Valid for all R1DE Sessions
5 months validity from date of purchase

50 R1DE Pack

Valid for all R1DE Sessions
8 months validity from date of purchase

Gift Cards

Give the gift that keeps on giving, that is R10T

Overall membership and trial pack

We do this on a case by case basis, simply write in to [email protected] and our operations team would be glad to extend their help to accomodate to your request!

Partnerships & Collaboration

Of course we are! Do write in to [email protected] and our team would love to connect with you!

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