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Signature R1DE Series

Put your cares and worries away (or use them for fuel, your choice!), and dive deep into the immersive experience of strength-building hill climbs, endurance-enhancing fast runs, and fun choreography. Be sure to sing out loud while dancing/riding to the beat!

Advanced PRIME Series

When it's time for you to progress, you'll know it. You'll want to experience our industry-first usage of wrist weights to level up your spin game. Expect more upper body work as every choreographed move becomes more advanced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRIME R1DE?

Our one of a kind prime takes R1DE to a whole new level – with added wrist weights and many endurance tracks, this advance class will leave you leaving the room with 0 regrets.
Our theme classes are all about the vibes, our amazing instructors will be running different theme classes based of their favourite ear-worm of the week, or a musical that they love.. (the possibilities are endless) so do look out for our IG storys each week for the different themed classes!

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